Book Recommendations

These books are a good place to start making some changes in your health and well being.

Check out the meditations too! Many of my patients listen to one while resting during their treatment, truly a mind-body treatment!



I hope they inspire you as much as they have helped so many others!

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Midwife, herbalist and an MD, Aviva presents a plan to restore hormonal balance for women at different stages of their lives.

Dr. Sara Gottfried left her conventional OB/GYN practice after feeling disillusioned about not providing long term resolutions for a myriad of women's health conditions with out medication or surgery. She pursued nutritional and stress reducing solutions through functional medicine instead. Half of the book is a plan to restore proper balance to hormones which should resolve troubling symptoms such as insomnia, hot flashes or irregular cycles, and the other half of the book is recipes and a nutrition plan to implement a structure in lifelong eating habits.

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