Kids LOVE acupuncture too

Kids LOVE acupuncture too!

Kids respond very quickly to pediatric acupuncture which involves more massage, herbs and moxa than needles for the youngest. I have treated a newborn less than one hour old with respiratory distress from inhaling meconium, a 2 year old with spastic hemiplegia as a result of Encephalitis, many teenage girls with painful peroids…countless ear infections, colds and flus….and ALL have left with smiles : )

I usually start with techniques used specifically with children to stimulate their still developing meridians – or energy channels.  Kids are little bundles of Yang energy!  Cells are rapidly replicating leading to their neurological pathways, strong bones and muscles and new skills.  The energy is very close to the surface and is easily influenced so kids usually have a rapid response to acupuncture.

Herbal medicines are also a key component to a quick turn around with common childhood ailments.  Research has shown that over the counter cold and flu medicine for children is ineffective but offers temporary relief.  Herbal medicine gets to the root cause of the illness while also offering relief from symptoms.  To obtain the best results with herbs, a trained herbalist needs to evaluate your child for the best combination of herbs for your children and their particular manifestation of illness.

The New York Times recently posted an article about the safety of acupuncture for children.  Spread the news!  Chinese medicine works for kids too!