Natural Mind Body Medicine for Depression

Portland Acupuncturist

Depression is referred to as a mood disorder characterized by persistent sadness, despondency, hopelessness, and/or loss of interest.  It is a condition that brings disruption to daily life and impairs normal functioning.  Other symptoms that can be associated with depression in the Chinese medical perspective include:difficulty waking up or getting started

  • lack of motivation
  • lacking sense of purpose
  • tendency toward procrastination
  • frequent sighing
  • diminished sense of vitality
  • chronic fatigue or low energy
  • desire to sleep all day
  • insomnia
  • heart palpitations
  • tendency toward withdrawal, which may include spaciness or an excessive desire to daydream
  • circular thinking or excessive rumination
  • a sense of inadequacy
  • feelings of shame or guilt.

Chinese medicine philosophy understands depression can be experienced in many ways and can be caused by different patterns of imbalance.  Commonly, people become depressed because they have lost connection with a particular part of themselves. The Qi may not be fully rooted in the body, and/or there may be an area of stagnation or blockage that makes it difficult for the Qi to flow properly.

Many behavioral tendencies can lend toward an experience of depression, such as an inner drive toward perfection (Wood), fear of spontaneity or of spontaneously expressing oneself (Fire), over thinking or excessive worrying (Earth), trouble accepting life situations as they are or a desire for control over one’s surrounding environment (Metal), fear of inadequacy (Water), a dislike toward certain parts of oneself (Water), ego imbalances (Water), and/or an inability to be alone with oneself, in particular, one’s emotions (Water). 

Tendencies such as these can lend to a disconnection between one or more aspects of oneself, can uproot the Qi, and/or cause an obstruction to the smooth flow of Qi and blood.  Once a person feels disconnected, uprooted or ungrounded, and/or stagnant, there is a diminished experience of one’s own life vitality and the person feels depressed.

This is why Chinese medicine and Acupuncture treatments are so effective at offering relief from depression and its various symptoms.  Treatments offer a way to integrate the self-aspects from which the person has disconnected (due to the previous wounding), ground and anchor the Qi (restoring a sense of vitality), and restore the smooth flow of Qi and blood.

Chinese medicine and Acupuncture treatments typically have safe and synergistic effects when combined with other natural and mainstream treatments for mental health and emotional wellness.

If you are suffering from symptoms of depression and want to find out more about how Chinese medicine and Acupuncture treatments can benefit you.