Can you do Acupuncture with Children?

Yes! But it is often not necessary. Children respond very quickly to other treatments : acupressure and Pediatric Sho Ni Shin, a technique using various movements to stimulate meridians or specific points with special massage tools designed for children. When I do need to use a needle, I use the thinnest needle available which feels like a mosquito bite, not anything like getting a shot! I have treated kids for digestive disorders : colic, chronic loose stools, poor appetite and the common cold and flu, ear infections as well as eczema, acne and menstrual pain. Similar to adult treatments, I always evaluate the child's typical diet and make adjustments to avoid recurrent problems. The next step is to include an herbal remedy as a tincture or a powder to alleviate symptoms while treating the root of the problem.

The more confident and calm the parent feels about acupuncture, the more accepting and easier it will be for the child. Newborns to toddlers to young kids and teenagers have swift results with Chinese Medicine. I have needled babies who did not even notice the quick insertion of a needle, and will always respect a child who is simply to scared to try them, waiting until they tell me that they are ready. I always show them on their parent, then let them needle me and usually they are curious enough to try one needle to experience it for themselves. Again, there are so many other treatments I can use instead of needles, I start with pediatric massage, acupressure, herbal medicine, supplements, nutritional therapy, Sho Ni Shin, moxa and light cupping before needles. Usually once a child is 7-8 years old, they are very curious about the needles and they ASK for them.

I have also had fast results treating young teenage women with hormonal imbalances, menstrual pain, depression and sleep disorders with acupuncture. It is fantastic for these young women to learn from an early age that having pain with menstruation is not "normal" and they do not have to suffer with each cycle.

Please give me a call to ask about your specific child's issue and we can discuss possible treatments!