Can Acupuncture get you out of Pain ? Read the results!


I see many people who have suffering from pain.  Whether it is a recent Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) or an old sports or work injury, they had given up on the idea that they were going to feel better and regain full mobility.  I use a combination of acupuncture, cupping massage and mild electro stimulation to move people of out of pain, into relief!  I have seen great results with neck, shoulder and back pain, tendonitis and many repetitive stress injuries from computer work !

Here are some kind words from past patients.  Are you ready to feel better ?

Kiné is so talented at her craft. I have been visiting her for shoulder and neck pain and the relief I get from cupping is like no other. I immediately feel lighter and looser and for severe pain, she has been able to provide me with a better range of motion after only one session. I highly recommend Kiné!

This review was from someone who was highly skeptical but had tried everything else and was not getting better.

Feel great after my last appointment with Kiné! My shoulder and back are feeling great after only 2 visits. Had a pinched nerve in my shoulder and a sore lower back, Kiné's treatment has got me feeling better than I have in weeks!

Give me a call at 503.281.0030 when you are ready to say goodbye to your pain.

I bill car insurance directly in motor vehicle accidents-so no out of pocket expense for you!  I am also a preferred provider with most major health insurance companies, billed them directly to keep your expenses as low as your co-pay : )

Check out the research that has shown acupuncture to be an effective pain treatment from many causes.