AhhhChooo! Allergy Season is Upon Us

Allergies and Acupuncture Sneeze

Acupuncture Relieves :

  • Nasal congestion
  • Post Nasal Drip
  • Sinus Headaches
  • Red Itchy Eyes
  • Plugged Ears
  • Fatigue

Whoo Wee….this allergy season in Portland has been one of the worst this year! The pollen count is at an all time high and with our hot sunny days mixed with rain, mold seems to be a problem for most of us too!

I have seen the wave of allergy patients surge up the past couple of weeks and suspect that allergies will continue to be a problem until we hit the heat in July. There is relief for you without having to feel drugged up! People get up from their acupuncture treatment telling me that they could feel their noses drain and hear there ears unplug from their session. Instant results!

For continued symptomatic relief, I use a very effective herbal formula that puts botanical medicine to the test! It is so effective that my patients have been able to avoid over the counter allergy medications that make them feel groggy. I have gotten reports back from one particular patient who is required to walk through fields searching for the best coffee beans in Ethiopia, Columbia, and a lot of other awesome places over the world and his allergy symptoms are completely controlled without needing to take any other medication!  Now that’s a testimonial that leads all the other enthusiastic, relieved reports from returning patients: )

Of course, it is also helpful to reduce the swelling of the nasal tissues and open the sinuses with a daily regimine of Nasal Irrigation during the height of your allergy season. In particular, I recommend doing this before bed to remove the pollen or other allergens that have collected in your nasal passages before you retire to bed so all that yuck does not just get stuck to fester making it difficult to breathe at night. Stuffed up noses make it difficult to get all the oxygen in to breathe at night which means you will not feel well rested when you wake up, making it even harder for your body to relieve your symptoms.

Never done nasal irrigation ?  It’s not as weird as it sounds and it really helps!  We’ll show you how and give you instructions for your home care.

On the plus side of pollination ….. here is a beautiful short film showing some of our helpful pollinating creatures doing their job in the natural world. Sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy!

I treat both children and adults for allergies. There is no need to use needles with kids who are not ready!

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