AhhAhhhAhhhhChooo! How to keep Spring Allergies away!

Acupuncture and Herbal Remedies Helps with Allergies

The crocuses are poking out of the ground, the buds are forming on the trees and here in Portland we have the wonderful blend of sunshine during the day with rain showers hitting the roof as we sleep! Do you welcome the Spring with a wide grin or are you fighting the constant urge to sneeze, itchy red eyes, drippy nose and have a new nasal tone ?  Spring brings sunshine, wind, blooming trees, grasses and flowers everywhere--an explosion of color and for some some the not so loved allergic symptoms.   Many over the counter remedies offer temporary relief for the symptoms but do not treat the root cause of the an immune system reacting in overdrive.   Chinese medicine treats allergies (winter molds or spring pollens) by relieving the symptoms and strengthening the immune system in order to minimize allergic reactions with herbal remedies and acupuncture.  (more info listed on the next page)The immune response is often due to an overexposure to a multitude of allergens that are overwhelming the system.  While we have no control over what is flying in the air we can eliminate or moderate the common offenders by:

  • cutting out dairy to reduce mucous production
  • installing a HEPA filter air purifier in your bedroom for nighttime relief
  • cleaning out the dust that accumulates in our heating vents over the winter months
  • Neti Pot !(or Xylitol nasal spray)  nasal irrigation with lukewarm salt water to clean out irritants
  • start probiotics to get healthy bacteria proliferating
  • I prescribe an herbal remedy that is commonly known as Minor Blue Dragon to relieve sinus pressure and congestion, and often will follow up with an herbal medicine containing Astragalus to boost immunity.

Once symptoms are under control, and often in the seasons prior or just after the worst allergy seasons, I work with strengthening the immune system with acupuncture by addressing the imbalances that are not able to effectively support immune function.  Patients report relief within a day or two of starting the herbal formula for their particular symptoms, and I have had patients report back that the treatments outside of their allergic season reduced the duration and intensity of their symptoms once their allergies did hit.  Dramatic changes can happen, and there is a solution just for you!