Acupuncture and Herbs Boost Immunity

In the West, the idea of an immune system is a recent idea, less than a hundred years old.  In China, doctors were strengthening the defensive energy (wei qi) over a thousand years ago. It was easy for them to understand the idea of protective energy, because they already understood the concept of qi (life force) , and the fact that qi, could influence our health as well as be effected by our health. Chinese Medicine is incredibly effective as preventive medicine for the whole family!

It is commonly understood that poor diet, sleep and stress decrease the immune system’s ability to fight off disease.  Together with acupuncture and herbs, we can work to correct imbalances that are causing sleep problems, or are a result of stress and poor diet.  I offer herbs specific to you, to address areas where you are personally needing some assistance to get back to your body’s natural state of balance.

Here is a small sampling of commonly known herbs that are used in Chinese Medicine to boost immunity and their functions. For more complex illnesses we combine several herbs to make a medicine specific to your needs, learn more about Chinese Herbal Medicine here.

As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I would not recommend running out to the store to use all of these at the same time.  Instead, I would evaluate where support is most needed and take into consideration your symptoms and any other medications you may be taking.

IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER HERBS (just to give you an idea)

ASTRALAGUS Stimulate interferon, fights bacteria, stimulated macrophages to fight off viruses and bacteria, activates dormant immune cells. Do not use if you have High Blood Pressure

ECHINACEA Stimulates immune cells in the body, production of interferon, production of tumor necrosis factor. Has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Used in AIDS and cancer treatments along with conventional medical treatment.

GARLIC Antibacterial properties, inhibits the growth of cancer, strong antioxidant removing environmental poisons and toxins.

SIBERIAN GINSENG Normalizes all the functions of the body and fights stress, illness, and fatigue. Not a true ginseng. Eleutheroside, its primary ingredient has been shown to increase athletic performance, and immunity by increasing the lymphocytes.

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT Great immune builder, has flavenoids that fight free radicals. The flavonoid oligomeric preanthocyanidin is a more powerful antioxidant than vitamin C and E.

GREEN TEA Antibacterial agent especially for tooth decay, and gum disease. Strong antioxidant reduces free radicals, and lowers blood pressure.

When you are just starting to feel the twinge of getting sick, is when you need to jump into action with herbal remedies along with rest, bundling up, eating well and not overworking.

In these cold months, it is important to get back to the basics of keeping warm, wearing a scarf around your neck especially when going out into the cold and wind, getting plenty of rest, taking your daily multivitamins and nutritional supplements and then stopping to take care of yourself or your children at the first signs of illness in order to keep it short and sweet!


If you needing something more specific to your health, please come in for a consult so we can get you back to your feeling your best as soon as possible!