Family Wellness

We are so lucky to live in beautiful Portland with some many adventures waiting outside our doorstep. Let's keep you in the best form to enjoy all of it! At Willow Tree Wellness Clinic, our goal is to keep your family healthy by addressing a number of common health concerns. We treat families of all ages, using Chinese medicine including acupuncture and herbs to tackle a host of ailments with the best of Eastern and Western medicine. Eastern medicine is exceptional at preventative health and can shorten the duration of time you are experiencing symptoms.

Acupuncture Portland

Some conditions we treat include:

Attention Deficit Disorder
Colds and Flus

Sleep issues (Parasomnias and Dyssomnias)
Stomach Aches and Digestion

A striking difference between conventional and traditional Chinese Medicine is that conventional medicine excels in crisis management, while Chinese Medicine emphasizes holistic treatment of your emotional and physical self. Chinese Medicine excels in preventative medicine by offering solutions to the root cause of your symptoms. Regularly scheduled acupuncture treatments brings your body back to its naturally balanced homeostatic state of health before illness strikes.  For general well-being, once a month or change of season “tune ups” are recommended as a preventive measure.

How is regular Acupuncture Treatment good for prevention?

Builds Immunity

Increases Energy

Stress Management

Supports Emotional

Well Being

Improves Digestion in Children and Adults