Willow Tree Wellness Clinic, a NE Portland acupuncture clinic, focuses on women’s health along with optimal health and wellness with relaxing treatments for the entire family.

Safe, Gentle, Effective care to get help you feel your best quickly!


Willow Tree Wellness Clinic, the NE Portland acupuncture clinic, focuses on women’s health along with optimal health and wellness for the entire family and pain relief from injuries or chronic illness.

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About Willow Tree Wellness Clinic

Willow Tree Wellness Clinic is a medical practice with a mission to provide your family with safe natural solutions , supporting your choices, your well being, and your overall health; YOU are in charge of your health and well-being!


  • Ready to relieve your pain without medication?
  • Tired of the roller coaster of hormonal imbalances?
  • Confused by why it has been so hard to get pregnant?
  • Looking for better sleep and less stress or anxiety?


We offer gentle and effective individualized medicine centered around your health goals with straight forward, clear treatment plans and progress milestones explained upfront.

Our acupuncture practitioners are experts in pain relief for acute and chronic issues, sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents.


With over a decade of clinical experience and extensive training in women’s health, fertility, pregnancy care and menopause, we are dedicated to supporting women through all phases of their reproductive health.


Specializing in fertility acupuncture as a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, Clinic Director Kiné Fischler LAc is honored to work with couples on female and male infertility with natural preconception treatments throughout pregnancy to preparation for labor and delivery as well as offering complementary IUI and IVF acupuncture.


Our clinic is dedicated to creating a safe space for all LGBTQ patients and people of all colors, shapes, sizes and ages.

LOVE is LOVE and love makes a family!

Browse Client Love & Testimonials:


I've seen Kiné for many years now, and refuse to see anyone else for acupuncture, chinese diagnosis, and herbs. Kiné is a rare blend of incredible brilliance and deep compassion. She works endlessly at improving herself and her abilities as a practitioner. I'm constantly referring people to her!!!


Internal Medicine Patient

Skilled & caring. Kine does a great, effective job with the needles, herb, suction cups, scraper, you name it. Her treatment is thoughtful and caring and she’s given me relief when nothing else had helped. I highly recommend giving her a try.


Pain Relief Patient

I started treatments during my second pregnancy, with the focus on helping my body have a smooth labor and delivery (I did - it was also fast, at just two hours, which I credit to a combination of chiro and acupuncture treatments). I kept going back even after my daughter was born, because I loved the way the treatments helped me feel balanced and relaxed. Kiné is wonderful - she's so in tune with whatever is going on in my life, and is really invested in my health and well being.


Women's Health Patient

My first experience! WONDERFUL! During my second pregnancy, my midwife suggested acupuncture prior to labor and delivery. I had never had acupuncture before, but was excited to try it out, if I could find the “right” caregiver. Enter Kine!!! I was drawn to Kine because of her extra studies and training in women’s and children’s health. Because I was new to the treatment, I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew right away I was in caring and capable hands. I will definitely be using acupuncture now as a regular part of caring for my health. Thanks, Kine!


Women's Health Patient

I have always preferred natural remedies but was apprehensive about trying acupuncture because of the rumors of the affects not lasting long and the need to make several visits before you notice a difference. For all the other skeptics out there; I had instant results! Kate is a miracle worker and I would highly recommend trying acupuncture with Kate Saul if you THINK you have tried it all.


Excellent care and skilled practitioner! I have received amazing results from the acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs Kiné Fischler has provided. Kiné is both an intuitive and informed/educated healer with fantastic skills in both listening and researching. She has helped me in ways beyond the scope of my initial “complaint” and I continue to see benefit from each visit. I highly recommend her for treatments both specific and for overall wellbeing.A practitioner with professionalism,… Kine listened to my concerns, related to me on a personal level, and was able to identify what I needed to help me with a long-term gastrointestinal issue…I would recommend her to anyone looking for excellent care and specialized treatment. She is a gem!


Internal Medicine Patient

I had never tried acupuncture before making an appointment with Kiné at Willow Tree Wellness. I've done plenty of research on herbal supplements, but Chinese medicine was a whole new world to me.

I found Kiné to be incredibly knowledgeable and optimistic about providing healing through Chinese medicine. Over the course of my treatment (approximately 2-3 months), I definitely experienced a change in my symptoms, and I really just enjoyed the acupuncture on its own--it was similar to a massage therapy treatment in that it provided me with a dedicated period of time in which I had to slow down, relax, let go, or be present. I always left Willow Tree much more relaxed and mellow than I was when I walked in. 

Kiné was very responsive via email and always patient with my many questions. I would highly recommend Willow Tree Wellness to anyone interested in acupuncture or Chinese medicine.


New to Acupuncture

I went to Kine at Willow Tree Wellness for help in getting pregnant. I was willing to try anything and am so glad that I found her. I was new to acupuncture really appreciate how she treated me not just for the fertility, but for other issues I was having as well. Kine is incredibly easy to talk to and so supportive. I truly believe she was instrumental in us having a successful pregnancy and continue to see her for general maintenance. I highly recommend Kine and Willow Tree!


Successful Pregnancy

I have been seeing Kine for the past few months after the birth of my second child. She's great at listening and asking questions to get to the root of the problem. Whether it's seasonal allergies, back pain, etc. I have found relief in my symptoms and will continue services. The office is centrally located in NE Portland and very clean.