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Acupuncture NE Portland 

Welcome to Willow Tree Wellness Clinic, the NE PDX acupuncture clinic that is all about supporting your choices, your well being, and your health; all about you!

What makes Willow Tree Wellness unique ?

  • We offer compassionate individualized medicine that values your emotional and physical well being as integral to your ability to live your life to the fullest


  • Our clinic director, Kiné Fischler LAc is a specialist in women’s health, fertility and pregnancy care and menopause, dedicated to supporting women through all phases of her reproductive health


  • Acupuncture and botanical medicine offers solutions when conventional medicine has not restored your health


  • We are preferred providers with most insurance plans and we bill directly as a courtesy to our patients


  • Evening and weekend office hours for your convenience


  • Free 15 minute Consultations at the office or on the phone to have your questions answered before scheduling an appointment


We want you to rock your mission in Life! You need to feel your BEST to do that, and we are here to support your health as you reach those hopes and dreams!

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Acupuncture PortlandThe human body is designed to maintain its own health. If you are not feeling at full health, it does not mean your body is breaking down. The symptoms you feel are your body’s attempt to adapt to some strain. Symptoms are signals for us to start investigating that strain, treat and eliminate it




acupuncture portland oregonChinese Medicine is one of the longest living forms of medicine, used to restore and maintain vibrant health to women, men and children for thousands of years. It encompasses acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping massage, nutritional therapy and moxibustion.




What Does Acupuncture Treat?

From pediatrics to obstetrics and gynecology to geriatric medicine, at Willow Tree Wellness Clinic we treat the entire family for a holistic and whole health approach. These are only a few examples of conditions we have treated successfully in our practice. Click on topic to read more information about the benefit of acupuncture treatment for each condition :